Sample Emergency Action Plan


Be Safe During an Earthquake

  • Remain calm so that you are better able to assess the damage and assist others in need.
  • Take cover.

    * If you are inside

        - Stay there and move under a sturdy piece of furniture

        - Stay away from windows

        - Protect your head and face with any available protective material

    * If you are outdoors

        - Stay there and find an open area

        - Stay away from tall buildings, structures, power lines, trees, and other tall structures

    * If you are inside a vehicle

        - Pull over and stop in an open area

        - Keep your seatbelt fastened

        - Stay away from bridges, overpasses, tall structures, and trees

        - Stay inside your vehicle since it will protect you from falling and flying objects


Respond After an Earthquake

  • Stay safe after the quake

    * Do not go outdoors until you are sure that falling or flying debris will not suddenly strike you.

    * Do not use the elevator because a power outage may happen right after the quake

    * Check if there are any injured or trapped people near you.

    * Try to help as much as you can by following emergency medical procedures. You can share information on your blog about emergencies and use the 1fichier premium link generator online to link out.

    * Follow the evacuation plan of the building you are in.

  • Identify the condition of your other family members especially those with special needs or requirements.
  • Turn off utilities and keep emergency tools and supplies nearby.

Communicate and Recover After an Earthquake

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