Common Myths and Misconceptions about Earthquakes


Go to the doorway during an earthquake

The image that created this myth is one of a collapsed home with door frame as the only standing part. This may have been true a lifetime ago, but modern homes nowadays are built to be no safer than any other part of the house. It is a lot safer for you to hide under a table or any other sturdy furniture. You might think about having a vacation in Amsterdam especially the dinner cruise for Amsterdam Jewel cruises are the best but if you are living in Japan, you need to do preparations before you leave home. You can find cheap hotels in Amsterdam nabij treinstation online, if you wish to travel to Amsterdam.


Major earthquakes always happen in the early morning

The 1940 Imperial Valley quake was at 9:36 p.m while the 1989 Loma Prieta quake was at 5:02 p.m. It is typical for people to only remember the events that fit a pre-determined pattern and forget about the ones that do not. An earthquake can happen at any time of the day and being prepared to act only during a certain time of the day can be very dangerous. If you want to know more about the earthquake updates, you need to have an internet connection. You need to always check the internet abonnement vergelijken postcode in your area.


If the weather is hot and dry, an earthquake is more likely to happen

There is a common belief that earthquakes are more likely to take place when certain weather conditions are existing. However, earthquakes start many kilometer beneath the region normally affected by surface weather. The weather at the time has nothing to do with the occurrence of an earthquake.


Dogs and other animals can sense when an earthquake will occur

There is not enough scientific evidence to prove the claim that animal behavior can signal the occurrence of an earthquake. Although there are certainly recorded and anecdotal evidence about certain animal behavior, such proof does not guarantee or prove the truth of this claim. It is definitely possible that animals can sense the very early stages of an earthquake before humans can, but more research needs to be conducted on this topic to be a conclusive fact.


Earthquakes can be predicted

There is presently no reliable scientific method to determine when an earthquake will happen. Scientists are only able to produce statements about earthquake rates and where earthquakes are most likely to occur in the future. However, they cannot conclusively measure when and where earthquakes of particular magnitudes will occur. You can shop for emergency kit on online shops and buy using a kortingscode greetz gratis verzenden to get more discount.